Sunday, September 18, 2011

8 Be A Betty White

Hi Guys,
Happy Sunday.  Today's marketing lesson centers around advertising and the keys to making a sucessful ad.  There's one golden rule in advertising.  If your audience remembers the ad, but doesn't remember the product, you've failed.

Now, there are millions of great ads out there, but only a few that I remember both the ad and the product the ad was selling.  The biggest one that comes to mind is the Snickers TV ad that featured Betty White playing football.  The concept a group of guys razzing a teammate for playing poorly and his teammate says, "You're playing like Betty White out there," until the player eats a Snickers then becomes himself again. The tagline, "You're not you when you're hungry."

What we as writers can learn from this piece of advertising is this. MAKE IT MEMORABLE.  Know I know we all don't have budgets to advertise on TV however, some print and online advertising can be affordable. Make your ads interesting enough to the reader so that it will get their attention.  (A book cover with an ISBN number running across it IS NOT interesting)  Jazz it up. Don't be afraid to tell the reader why they're going to like your book.  And, don't forget to direct them to where to buy it.

So, Any thoughts out there about advertising?  I've advertised in both the RWR Report, an RWA Magazine as well as an upcoming digital ad, I'm placing on
What's worked or hasn't worked for you?


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I have to agree with you. I have seen several commercials which are really funny but I have no idea what the product is. One that came to mind is the commercial where the guy and the birds and squirrels are singing in the car and the wolf pops up out of the back seat. It took several viewings of the ad before I realized they were advertising Jeep. I also have to say even though a commercial and product are memorable it doesn't necessarily mean the product is. My example is the Taco Bell dog. I loved those commercials, yet, I can tell you I am not eating Taco Bell. (sorry if I offend Bell fans, but I have sensitive stomach issues so please forgive me). But Taco Bell ended up pulling those commercials for the same reason ... even though everyone loved the ads, it netted them decreased sales. I look forward to having to do an ad campagine and thank God for MOD to guide me.

Anonymous said...

It's a two part problem for an unknown author Your title addresses the first point It's the old story of the farmer with the donkey. He hits the animal with a 2x4 and tells a horrified onlooker "You gotta get their attention first." Then you better write a good backcover blurb. RC Bonitz

Rhonda Lane said...

Paid advertising of my work feels about as far in my future as my own rocket car. Still, what's a thirty second book trailer but a commercial for the book?

I guess the key is, what makes us want to open our wallets for a product? We love the Taco Bell chihuahua and Betty White's Snickers commercial and the gritty mythos behind Chysler's "Made in Detroit" commercials, but I'm not running out to buy that stuff.

I do think more highly of those products. I see it all as great PR, but wouldn't I have to crave those products to make them great marketing?

Silly me, thinking about that stuff. :)

Jennifer Fusco said...

Thanks for leaving comments Gerri and Bob. I hope that in your advertising future you keep this post in mind.

To your point, Rhonda. The Snickers folks can't determine how many candy bars were sold as a result of the Betty White commerical, the goal is to drive awareness of the product and the benefits of the product. Snickers satifies.

This is great for a budding author to learn, when you have a book come out besides saying, "hey give my book a try" can say, also say why you hope your audience will like it or what they can expect from future works from Rhonda Lane.

Advertising is about driving awareness and linking book to author and vice versa.

Hope this helps.

Jennifer Fusco said...

Lordy, please forgive all the typos in the post above. It's what I deserve when blogging from my Smartphone.

Rhonda Lane said...

Advertising, then, sets up expectationsm plus plants a seed for when there's a need?

Thank you for going to all the trouble to write a long blog response (with multiple paragraphs!) on your smartphone keyboard. Egads!

The things you do for us, your loyal students. :)

Kathye Thornton said...

WOW. The comments/responses are just as good as the blog! I, too, am in a galaxie far far away from worrying about advertising. But it is interesting and something to add to my wish list.

Jennifer Fusco said...

You're most welcome, Rhonda. I can type paragraphs from my smart phone but the spelling and grammar part has much to be desired. (ha!)

Thanks for dropping by, Kathye. The MOD blog is small but loyal. Thanks to folks like you.